Multi-Purpose Lid Cover and Spill Stopper

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Go boil-spill free with this amazing silicone pot lid! These amazing silicone nonstick lids are very versatile, can fit pots and pans from 6 to 11 inches. This versatile design can keep your oven top clean, acts as a splatter safeguard (oven, microwave & fry pan), steams vegetables, can be used as a trivet.

The silicone side safety handles help you open the lid safely.

Note: Remove with caution, hot steam can burn your skin! This innovative lid is made of eco-friendly silicone material, BPA free, and does not contain any harmful substance to human body. It is soft, flexible and does not deform easily. Heat Resistant:Maximum heat resistance up to 230℃,Minimum cold tolerance up to -40℃,which is much more heat-resistant than the others. High temperature resistance for healthy cooking. The spill stoppers have two ears, easy to hang on the kitchen. No centre knob allows for better fridge organisation.

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