Telescopic Drain Basket

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Excellent space-saving multi-functional heavy-duty sink tableware dewatering device, which not only provides a very simple and effective solution for air-drying dishes, pots, frying pans, cutlery, cooking utensils, tableware and kitchen gadgets, but also as a vegetable colander.

The rack provides more space without taking up more table or work platform space, which is very convenient. The retractable universal tank drainage basket can be retracted 320-465MM and is suitable for all kinds of flumes.

Maintenance method: It can be wiped with a soft cloth, cleaned regularly and kept clean. Made of stainless steel and ABS can hold up to 17.65 lbs max load capacity. It is anti-rust and heat resistant, not easily deformed when using and ensures long lasting durability. Does not scratch the sink.

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