LED Toilet Seat Motion sensor

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Do you feel the light is too bright in the middle of the night when you need to use the bathroom? Never get woken up by a bright toilet light again. Our Toilet LED activates automatically when you approach the toilet bowl, illuminating it in a pleasant way that soothes you.

Toilet nightlight activates when you enter and deactivates when you leave. It is light sensitive and only activates in darkness to maximise battery life and save energy.

Gently cycles through 8 colours each minute. Can be set to any one colour of your choice to match or contrast with your décor. Allow LED to cycle to colour of your choice, press the set button and light will only illuminate in this colour. Release set button to restore cycling. Transition between colours allows setting to many more colour and hue variations. Automatically activates LED light up when someone approaches, stays alight for 120 seconds until no motion detected or bright light disables activation.

Easy to Install: Place unit so sensor points to area of approach, bend the pliable arm over toilet rim and LED light reflects and diffracts to illuminate entire toilet bowl and local area. Energy efficient, will not illuminate in daylight or if bright light source detected. Uses 3x AAA batteries, easily sourced & fitted. (Batteries are not included)


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