HD Phone Screen Magnifier with Bracket

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We are bringing the Cinema into your home with this high-definition optical technology. The image on the mobile phone screen is enlarged and clear. the colour is bright and you can zoom in on your smartphone screen display to make it easier to watch movie videos or news on your phone.
  • The Screen Magnifier HD acts like a phone projector, magnifying your phones screen 2 to 4 times the size. Reduces the strain on your eyes allowing you to enjoy watching or reading on your smartphone even more.
  • The foldable phone holder stand is compatible with all Smart Phones.
  • The Flexible Gooseneck Phone Holder can be rotated 360 degrees to relieve the discomfort and pain of the neck and arm while holding your devices for a long time. The distance between the phone and the screen can be adjusted and is suitable for all sizes mobile phones.
  • The bracket has a sturdy c-clip for securely mounting on the edge of the desk, providing stable supports without scratching or damaging your furniture.
  • With this phone holder mount, you can sit or lie down to enjoy videos or the leisure moments, free your hands from tiredness. Effectively prevent eye myopia and fatigue, suitable for all kinds of people, old people, children, men or women.
  • Realistic Viewing Experience: The lens uses Fresnel optical HD lens, which makes the viewing video effect realistic and full of three-dimensional.