5D Circle Shape Diamond Painting Full Kit

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Not everyone has to be a professional artist to create amazing masterpieces! Why don’t you check out our beautiful 5D Diamond paintings, which can turn into your weekend creative getaway!

No paint mess, no need for multiple brushes. We provide you with all the tools you need to create your paintings. All you have to do is have fun! The canvas has been carefully rolled, so make sure you gently handle it when opening. The colours are bright and easy to see and match with the numbers. High clear printing oil canvas is waterproof and has even texture, the pattern itself has a sticky background and plastic overtop to keep the picture sticky and then the gems will hold.

How to use: 1. place the corresponding coloured diamonds in a plastic tray; 2. gently shake the tray to secure them together; 3. peel off the clay protective film, then press the pen's end into the clay and place the diamond on the sticky pen; 4. attach diamonds to corresponding numbers and letters.

The package contains: pen + plastic tray, glue, colour coding sheet, canvas.

 Dimensions: 30 x 30cm Can choose from many designs: we have it all!