Washing Brush Set

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How can you keep both your hands and the dishes sparkling clean at the same time? By using our hands-free washing brush, which allows you to clean your dishes thoroughly and keeping your hands away from the mess.

This brush features strong bristles that can take on everyday cleaning, including non-stick and cast iron cookware, pots, pans, dishes and glassware. You can also use it to clean hood, tiles, gas stove, cutting boards etc A simple push of a button dispenses dish soap through the brush head using air displacement.

The Brush head turns and unlocks for easy removal and replacement. The ergonomic non-slip handle fits comfortably in your hand even when wet and soapy. The handle doubles as a soap reservoir, which is easily fillable with any dish soap. It comes with a clear injection bottle which helps you notice the liquid volume. (Please be careful not to overfill when adding liquids to prevent leakage.) The brush is made of high quality ABS material and the handle is made of PP with durable nylon bristles. The silicone button has good sealing performance without worrying about leaking.