Rabbit Bedside Lamp Touch Sensor

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Don’t want to sleep in a dark room, but don’t want to have the light on either? We have a solution for you. Doesn’t matter who is it for, yourself or your children, this bunny rabbit colour changing night lamp is the perfect companion.

To enable it, you simply have to touch it and you can choose from different options, depending on your mood: from warm yellow to red, pink, green, blue and indigo-blue.

The bunny lamp is made of ABS and silicone material, which means it does not break that easily and it is also very convenient to clean, by using a damp cloth. Also, it has a built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery, which only needs 3h to work for 20h! The protective circuit board inside will avoid over-charging. Can be used for different occasions, from being your children’s companion, setting up a romantic atmosphere for your other half or just to bring some colour to your night.