Collapsible Lunch Box

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Are you struggling to find space for your lunchboxes in your bag or backpack? Do you need to carry an extra bag just for your tupperware? Check out these collapsible lunchboxes, which help you free up as much space as you need and keep your food intact! Each container is collapsible to 1/3 its original size for easy compact storage and organisation.

Perfect solution for your different food storage needs. Each box is made of BPA free 100% food grade PP & Silicone, which is non-toxic and eco-friendly. The super smooth inside surface avoids grease building up and it is very easy to clean.

They can be used in the microwave, dishwasher and freezer. Hot gas can discharge and water vapours will not form in the lunch box if you open the breathable valve when the hot food is placed. No need to stress about getting your backpacks or bags dirty.

These lunchboxes are 100% airtight and leakproof, keeping your food fresh for longer. Can choose from 4 sizes: 13×9×6CM(350ML), 16×10×6CM(500ML), 18×11.5×6CM(800ML), 21×13×6.5CM(1200ML).

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