Corner Brush Self Groomer for Cats

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This self groomer is designed following cats’ natural instinct , which helps them remove and collect loose hair and it can prevents dangerous pests like fleas, mites and ticks while promote their blood circulation, relieve fatigue.

Being made of ultra-soft, safe, comfortable and durable materials, it will not scratch your kitty’s skin. Easy to Install, it fits all of wall corner or table legs and can be easily mounted on either flat wall or corner surfaces by double-sided glue or screws.

Can be easily cleaned under water or just taking out the loose hairs. Pour some catnip into the inner compartment that will entice your cat to brush themselves to help the cat through the adjustment period. Catnip not only makes cats feel excited and happy, but also help them release the hair inside the stomach pain free.

Includes: 1 self groomer; 1 bag catnip; 4 pcs self-tapping screws; 4 pcs sponge double-sided adhesive