5 In 1 Optical Prescription Sunglasses

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Tired of constantly swapping sunglasses to find the perfect match for your setup? Experience the convenience of having 5 different sunglasses in one frame! 
Whether you are a fashion junkie, or just eye-protection conscious, our magnetic sunglasses excel in both aesthetics and practicality, making them a MUST HAVE! They are polarised and block reflected light, which means they are perfect for fishing, golfing, and other activities in the sun.
You can choose between 4 different frame colours: Red, Leopard, Shiny Black, Matte Black
  • Frame material: Unbreakable flexible TR90 frame 
  • Ultra-light weight, one set (1 frame + 1 clip) only 20g
*Due to high demand, please allow between 20-40 days for delivery
For any questions please email us at support@gearwebs.com